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2020 Media Kit

About The Boro* Print Edition


The Boro* print edition is a community newspaper, launching in early 2020.  (We are targeting March, but don’t be surprised if we are ready sooner.)  

It is a monthly publication, distributed by mail to every residential and business address, including post office boxes, in the Borough of Mount Pocono.  The Boro* will be printed on high-quality newsprint, featuring 8 to 12 pages of crisp black and white.  (Yes, we know that is a little retro.  But it allows us to give you more exposure for less investment, and it will give your advertisements a unique look.  We promise, you’ll love it.)

According to the latest information from the United States Census Bureau and the U.S. Postal Service, each edition is seen by 5,362 people.  

Our readers have NO other dedicated, comprehensive source of news, information, and entertainment specifically of interest to Mount Pocono’s residents, businesses, and visitors.

Unlike regional publications covering huge swaths of municipalities, The Boro* covers only Mount Pocono.  For that reason, each issue will be looked forward to with anticipation.  

In addition to news relating to Borough government, schools, police, and businesses, The Boro* will provide detailed information about events taking place in the weeks following publication.  We plan each issue of The Boro* so readers will keep it on the coffee table, or in their reception area, referring to it several times over the course of the month.  Your advertisement will have multiple views from multiple readers.

The Boro* will not have irrelevant “filler” – articles will be original to The Boro* and be of active interest to the greater Mount Pocono community. 

 Receptive readers are more receptive to your advertisements, too!


Rate Information Below






The Boro* Reader Demographics    

Press Run             3,000    

Readers                 5,362        

Home Delivery    1,986    
Newsstands          1,000

Avg Age     37        

Men           52%    
Women     48%                                                                              
2020 Production Schedule

Married    46%                                                                              Display Ad Sizes & Configuration

Avg Income                 $48,245                                                   Classified Ad Information         Household Income    $64,118                                                    Insertion Order Form

College Educated       51%    


White        48% 
Black         28%
Hispanic    21%

If the wealthier, better educated, more diverse, younger population of Mount Pocono Borough are within your business’s target market, The Boro* hits the bull’s eye!

Rates & Dimensions

    Column Inch Rates
                    Frequency             Rate
                        1  issue          $10
                        3  issues        $9.25
                        6  issues        $8.50
                        12 issues        $7.95

                      Columns               Width
                        1 column           1.9"
                        2 columns        4"
                        3 columns        6.15"
                        4 columns        8.15"
                        5 columns       10.25"

                                        Page Length     15.75"

    Display Ads Frequency Rates


               Size              1 issue    3 issues    6 issues    12 issues
            Full Page     $525    $475      $435        $395
            Half Page    $300    $265     $250        $225
            Quarter        $165     $150     $140        $125

    Premium Spaces (no promotions or discounts apply)

        Front Page                                                    Back Page
        5x1 above the flag   $125                           Full        $600
        5x1 bottom                $115                           Half       $350
        2x5                              $145                    
        3x3                              $135


For more information or to advertise, contact

Tom Ford at 570-762-2163, or

    Inaugural Advertiser Special

25% off the first three months with a frequency contract of at least three months beginning with the first issue.

(Does not apply to Premium Spaces)