Mount Pocono Borough

Mount Pocono Municipal Building

1361 Pocono Boulevard, Suite 100
Mount Pocono, PA 18344

Ph: 570-839-8436
Fax: 570-839-0981


Mon – Fri
8:30am – 4:30pm

Closed Holidays



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The Mount Pocono Budget

A borough’s operating budget is the single most important work product of a borough council.

The borough budget serves a number of purposes – it allocates money between departments; authorizes expenses; and projects spending.

A budget should be a financial plan that shows how much money will be available, what resources it will come from, and how the budget will be used.

Municipal budgets must be adopted by Dec. 31.  The process of preparing the budget starts much earlier.


Under the law, the borough is required only to make the budget available for public review before it is adopted.In Mount Pocono, the borough president forms a budget committee, which meets in private. 


No minutes of budget committee meetings are maintained.  Other council members are not even informed about when the budget committee meets.

Mount Pocono Borough Budget Committee

The committee which prepared the 2019 budget and which is responsible for next year's budget:

Claudette Williams
Francis O'Boyle
Aida Montanez
Michael Penn

Budget Committee Meeting Dates, Times, & Places:

The Council President and Mayor do not provide meeting information to the Public or Council Members not on the Budget Committee.  They conduct their meetings behind closed doors.